Veolia SUPPLY-065  4' Large Prepaid Recycle Pak for Fluorescent Tubes

Supply-065 4' Large Prepaid Lamp Recycling box.
Container holds 60 T12 or 126 T8 4ft straight fluorescent lamps. Also holds U-tubes & H.I.D. lamps.


UN tested and approved prepaid recycling box for 4 ft. fluorescent straight fluorescent lamps. Package includes poly liner, instructions, terms and conditions, and prepaid return shipping label. Recycling service available in continental US only. Intact lamps only.


Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, a cancer causing agent, and should be safely recylcled. 

Just pack the old bulbs in the box and call for box of bulbs to be picked  up and recycled.

Veolia SUPPLY-065 4' Large Prepaid Recycle Pak for Fluorescent Tubes

SKU: Supply-065