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15800 EPCO (Engineered Products) PROSERIES Incandescent Utility Light Fixture

UL Listed. Suitable for use in wet locations. File Number: E182610.

Meets requirements of the 2017 National Electrical Code: Articles 314.15, 314.16(A)(2), 314.17(C), 410.10(A), 410.104(A), 547.5(C)(1) and (2) and 547.8(A) and (B).

Includes an 18 cubic-inch PBT junction box and meets NEC junction box fill requirements for adding an additional circuit.

Appropriate for use with all non-metallic wiring systems.

Labor savings! Fast installation saves time and reduces labor cost.

Easy to install; uses eight (8) mounting brackets that are “in-line” with 1/2” and 3/4” trade size knockouts; eliminates a 2” x 4” stub-in by the installer.

Note: The Octi-Junction Box is not sold separately and will not fit our Ceiling Mount Luminaires P/Ns: 15050, 15051, 15055, and 15056.


Rated for use with circuit conductors up to 302°F (150°C).


Can be used where high-pressure wash-down is required.


UV resistant, high impact, corrosion resistant construction.


Optional impact resistant quarter-turn safety cage attaches to the Octi-Junction Box without tools.


15800 EPCO (Engineered Products) PROSERIES Incandescent Utility Light Fixture

SKU: 15800
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