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Keystone 35W Wallpack KT-WPLED35-M1-8CSB-VDIM LED Color Select Wall Pack with Photoeye


Light Fixture With Photo Eye Replaces 150W Metal Halide

KT-WPLED35-M1-8CSB-VDIM Keystone Tech
Building Mount for exterior illumination perimeters, pathways, loading docks, and other general security lighting requirements

35W LED Traditional Wall Pack,

4700 Lumens

Color Select 3000K/4000K/5000K

IP65 Rated


Product Dimension:14.4” X 7.3” X 9.3”

Die Cast Aluminum Housing with Glass Lens

Built in dusk to dawn photocell

−20ºC/−4ºF to 45ºC/113ºF Operating Temperature

Color: Bronze

DLC 5.1 Premium: PI6YAF8U


Keystone 35W Wall pack with Photoeye KT-WPLED35-M1-8CSB-VDIM LED Color Select

$144.00 Regular Price
$133.92Sale Price
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