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Buy Lamp Holder Socket for your home

Lamp Holders – An Overview

Many people do not consider aesthetics or eye protection when replacing lights, bulbs, or lamps in their homes. Yes, improperly installed lights can strain your eyes and draw attention to your home in all the wrong places. Lamp holders are thus essential for making the most of your lighting configuration.

Need to learn more about these holders? Well, we at Light Source Central are happy to explain all about lamp holders.

What is Lamp Holders?

A lamp holder is a piece of electrical equipment that houses your light and bulbs. Aside from housing your lights, it also serves as a synapse between your wiring and bulbs. Incandescent, fluorescent, or compact fluorescent bulbs are all acceptable for all types of lighting.

Why are Lamp Holders required?

A light bulb without any shades or lamp holders emits unfiltered light in all directions. Direct exposure to this bare light can harm your eyes. A lamp holder can assist you in achieving this effect.

With proper placement, you can transform a bulb's blaring light into something soothing and refreshing, bringing to light your home's best features.

Types of Lamp Holders

Light holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. Here are some of the most common.

  • Batten Holders

A batten holder is a light clamp hard-wired to your home's or company's wiring system. It can be connected to the ceiling with an electrical cord rather than a fabric cable.

  • Wedge-base Holders

Wedge-base holders are typically used for low-wattage light bulbs with a smaller form factor, such as those found in string lights. These lamp holder sockets allow contact between the lamp holder terminals and the exposed wires of the bulb base. This configuration makes replacing bulbs quick and straightforward. Furthermore, these lamp holders are compatible with a wide range of mounting options, including PCB tabs, snap-ins, twist-ins, and brackets, making them an excellent choice for holders.

  • Bayonet-Base Holders

Due to their ease of installation, ease of replacement, and robustness, bayonet-base bulbs are widely used in the automotive industry today. These twist-and-lock bulbs have two pins that allow the lights to click into place consistently. Bayonet-base holders are ideal for these types of lighting configurations.

  • Angle Holders

Angle lamp holders are the way to go if you want your lights to point in any direction. These allow you to attach your lights directly to the ceiling or wall and connect your bulbs to the wiring framework.

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