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Key Considerations for The Perfect Retrofit Kit

Facility owners face a challenge due to the rapid advancement of lighting technology: Do they need to change their complete lighting system to benefit from unique new lighting features?

Thankfully, the answer is no.

They may frequently obtain the same advantages by updating a portion of their existing lighting system using LED retrofit lighting kits.

Here are some guidelines every lighting contractor should follow when selecting an LED retrofit lighting kit for their customers.


Customers can approach you with the idea that upgrading to all-new LED lighting is the only way to get the energy savings and increased light quality they desire. This is a fantastic opportunity to inform them about LED conversion kits. They could be interested in learning about a less expensive choice, but they might also be concerned that if they spend less, they might also receive less.

You can explain that retrofit kits offer a genuine "less is more" opportunity if the current fixtures are in good shape. The cost per fixture will be reduced, and the illumination will be brighter as well.

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Good Retrofit Kits install quickly and easily

Faster installation equals fewer interruptions to the customer's business activities. Additionally, for retrofit businesses, a quick install might result in cheaper labor expenses and faster cash flow if they can bill for finished jobs sooner. But the secret is to pick a retrofit kit with an easy, safe installation process.

Retrofitting fixtures have the added benefit of saving time on trash disposal compared to replacing them. When you replace a fixture, you are responsible for its disposal and any associated costs, such as transportation to a landfill. Retrofits produce very little trash. LED sign tubes are a quick and effective installation option when time is less.

Considering led sign retrofits

When opposed to replacing them, retrofitting fixtures has the extra advantage of saving time on garbage removal. You are liable for both the fixture's disposal and any related expenses, such as transportation to a landfill, when you replace a fixture. The extra time and money add up and have an effect when you increase it by the number of replacement fixtures.

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Final thoughts!

Many businesses can offer you an energy & environmental impact assessment, which will show you how much energy you save annually, the percentage of energy reduction, the environmental advantages. If you want to learn more about LED retrofit and how it might affect you, do not forget to check out our website.

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