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Dealer Spotlight: Light Source Central

September 2022

Alliant Energy Dealer Spotlight

Light Source Central

From the 2022 Alliant Energy Dealer Newsletter

Light Source Central was founded in 2004 to provide energy-saving lighting to customers in the tri-state area of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Alliant Energy, “What do you enjoy most about running your business?”

The lifelong relationships I’ve made with my customers. I really enjoy being able to help businesses realize they can reduce energy use by over half. That is huge. And then they realize the lower energy costs come with better lighting. LED offers the health benefits of no UV lighting, no humming ballasts. I’ve had customers tell me fluorescent lighting gave them headaches and switching to LED solved that problem. It’s exciting for customers to say things like, “I thought someone left the door open, but all that daylight was coming from the new LEDs.” The lighting industry has changed so quickly since we started this business, always getting more light out of less electricity. I love the challenge of keeping up with the rapid advances in lighting.

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